Private Tour

Shore Excursions (Vatican express, squares and fountains)

we offer a comfortable luxury car that will pick you up at 8,30 at the pier.

In just over one hour you will arrive in st. Peter’s square where you’ll meet your guide, from there you will explore vatican museums, sistine chapel with the marvelous frescoes made by Michelangelo and finally st. Peter’s basilica. 

Frome the vatican area you will start a panoramic tour by car stopping at the main highlights.

Caracalla thermal baths, Catacombs, Appian way

Learn about the Roman thermal baths, the public and cheap SPA used by all the Roman society, discover the biggest Christian catacombs and finally take a lovely stroll along an [ … ]

Borghese gallery, sculptures and paintings

Borghese Gallery. The finest and most elegant gallery of Rome, where you‘ll enjoy frescoed ceiling, the biggest collection of Caravaggio’s paintings, Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s masterpieces. Duration: 2 and half hour

St. Angel Castle and its bridge

Castel Sant’Angelo was built as the tomb, the mausoleum, of the emperor Adrian. In the 13th century, a fortified corridor between the castle and St. Peter’s Basilica was built, and [ … ]

Baroque Rome – Squares and fountains

A relaxing walk through the city, admiring masterpieces of the baroque art, discovering Caravanggio’s paintings  in St. Luigi dei francesi’ church, recognizing the grandiosity and the engineering capacity of imperial [ … ]

Colosseum, Roman forum and Palatine hill

Explore Ancient Rome on a walking tour of the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill, learn about the history of the empire walking through the ruins. Duration: 3 hour