Researchers at the Sapienza University have identified the laboratory of Galen under the Basilica of Maxentius, in the Spice Warehouse area.

Under the Basilica of Massenzio had been discovered the laboratory of Galen (129-210 / 216 AD) dating back to the second half of the 2nd century AD. 

A sort of magical cavern to imagine full of alchemical potions and cookbooks of ancient wisdom in which the most famous doctor of antiquity moved (after Hippocrates) who, for centuries, will dominate all Western medicine. 

From its name derives the “galenica” or the art of pharmacists to prepare drugs.

 About three meters deep from the Via Sacra, under the grandiose work begun by Massenzio and completed by Constantine, in the area where the Horrea Piperataria, the pepper and spice warehouses were.

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