Best 4 rustic restaurants in Rome

The best 4 rustic restaurants in Rome:

1. Sora Lella – roman traditional cousine with a particolar attention to the lost roman dishes, located on the Tiberine island.

2. Trattoria da Danilo – this Trattoria is well known amoung actors and film directors. it’s famous for the best “carbonara” in Rome. The restaurant is in the very city centre on the Esquilino hill, near by the Colosseo.

3. Ba’ Ghetto –  a traditional roman kitchen revisited according to the dictates of the Jewish religion. Ba’ Ghetto connects the roman tradition to the jewish one. the best dish is the “carciofo alla Giudia” a double fried artichoke;“fried twice with two different temperatures in order to open it as a flower”.  the restaurant is located in the heart of the jewish ghetto in rome.

4. Scopettaro – is one of the most ancient restaurant in rome, traditional roman dishes, it’s like eating in a roman house… very local. Scopettaro is located in Testaccio district.